Active tests

On current page, a New order could be placed for an ongoing proficiency testing scheme (ie. "Registration"). Select the proficiency test from the table below or select Create order from left side bar.

Table below indicates the time frame when registration is possible for each proficiency testing scheme (mm/dd/yyyy). When opening a test, more information is given (eg. timetables and information letter).
Test ID Name Ordering
ILC 16/2024 ILC for As analyses in Nepal, NeAs project 4/26/2024 – 5/6/2024
DW 09/2024 Drinking water analyses 6/12/2024 – 8/13/2024
CAL 08/2024 Gross and net calorific values of solid fuels 6/10/2024 – 8/20/2024
LT 07/2024 Leaching behavior test for solid waste material: One stage batch leaching test 3/27/2024 – 5/6/2024
NW 06/2024 Natural water II 3/14/2024 – 4/25/2024
MET 05/2024 Groundwater and industrial wastewater metal analysis 2/26/2024 – 4/8/2024