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Terms and Conditions of the International Waste Shipment System (Kansainväliset jätesiirrot -järjestelmä)

The International Waste Shipment System (Kansainväliset jätesiirrot -järjestelmä), the Finnish TFS (hereinafter referred to as the "system"), is an electronic service specifically intended for use by companies engaged in transfrontier shipments of waste. It is maintained by the Finnish Environment Institute (hereinafter, ‘SYKE’). The scope of the system license and the associated terms and conditions are specified below.

1. Right to use the system and store information in it

To obtain a license under these Terms and Conditions, the user must accept the Terms and Conditions when they first log in to the system. Each licensed user is entitled to browse or store data in the system in accordance with a user license granted by SYKE or the user's employer organisation. The recording of data may not infringe the rights of third parties. The user does not have the right to grant access to a third party.

2. Granting access and identification in the system

Finnish organisations identify in the system through the e-Identification by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. The granting and changes to the user rights of each organisation are managed by a person who is authorised to sign on behalf of the organisation or a user with a similar authority in the service. The identification of foreign organisations takes place through the IidaLight system. SYKE manages the granting of access rights and gives the user a user name and password. The user ensures the user name and password are stored safely.

3. Liability

SYKE endeavours to provide correct information in the Finnish TFS system without interruption. However, the user uses the Finnish TFS system and the information it contains on his own responsibility at all times. SYKE shall not be liable for any damage caused due to the system. Therefore, SYKE shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damage caused by e.g. errors in the Finnish TFS system or in the information in contains, deficiencies, usage of the data, third party demands, functional breaks, alterations of the data or inactivity of the system. User shall be liable for all damage caused to SYKE due to breach of these terms and conditions or a violation of the Finnish legislation or authoritative regulations. Such liability shall not extend to claims for Indirect or consequential loss or damage unless the damage is caused by willful misconduct or gross negligence. User shall undertake to fulfill the standard information security requirements and is responsible of security of all devices used to connect Finnish TFS system. The devices need to have up-to-date virus protection and access to the devices must be protected by a password. User is responsible to have sufficient knowledge about data security.

4. Validity, changes in the terms and conditions and the system

Access rights are valid until further notice. If the user uses the system in violation of these terms and conditions or valid legislation, SYKE has the right to block the use of the system. SYKE has the right to change these terms of use unilaterally without the user's consent by notifying the user in writing 30 days before their entry into force. If the user informs the system administration in writing before the changes take effect that they will not accept the changes, the right to use the system will expire on the date that the changes would have entered into force. Revisions may limit or expand the aforementioned right of use or terminate the right of use.